Class B Operations: Class B airspace include an Approach and Departure Control.  Different controllers are responsible for sectors around the airport.  They control and give clearances to the aircraft within their sectors, and hand them off to other controllers, including the tower controllers.

Entering Class B:  Entering Class B requires a Mode C transponder and clearance to enter.  Meaning VFR aircraft must hear the words, "Cleared to Enter the Class Bravo".  See the graphic for the Memphis radio frequencies.  A Controller maybe working multiple frequencies.  It is suggested on initial contact to state just your call sign and wait for a response.

Memphis Class B Airport Ops

Memphis is one the 37 Class B airports in the United States.  The Air Traffic Controllers in Memphis are some of the very best in the country.  We suggest you review the Aeronautical Information Manual, Sectional, AFD and Taxi Diagrams. Below are some tips to help you enjoy flying into Memphis International.


Landing at Memphis

1. Listen to the ATIS on 127.75. 

2. Select the appropriate Memphis Approach frequency from the VFR Sectional or AFD (119.1 (West Sector) or 125.8 (East Sector)). 

3. Contact Approach. 


Pilot: "Memphis Approach, Cessna 971V"

4. MEM Approach: "Cessna 971V, go ahead"

Pilot: " Memphis Approach Cessna 971V, a C172, 20 miles to the east, inbound for landing, information "N", parking at Signature."

The Controller with give you a squawk code and radar identify you.  They may also give you vectors to fly.  They must clear you into the Class B airspace.

5. Keep an attentive listening watch as you can expect multiple ATC instructions.

6. At some point, Approach Control will hand you off to the tower.  Listen closely to the frequency as it maybe different than published as one Controller might be working multiple runways.  Do not change frequencies without instruction.

7. Tower will give you a landing clearance as usual.

8. After landing, Tower will instruct you when to switch over to Ground Control.  The Ground Controller will probably ask where you are parking.  Signature is marked as West FBO.  Keep your Transponder Altitude Reporting On.

9. You must read back all hold short instructions with your call sign.

Departing Memphis

1.  Please notify Signature's Marshallers prior to engine start.  Some pilots wait until they have received their clearance prior to starting their engine.

2. Listen to the ATIS, 127.75

3. Call Memphis Clearance for a IFR/VFR Clearance on 125.2.  


Pilot: "Memphis Clearance Cessna 971V, request VFR to Millington at 3,500 with ATIS "Foxtrot".

4.Be prepared to write down your clearance.

Example Clearance:

Memphis Clearance: "Cessna 971V cleared to depart to the northeast. Maintain 3,000 until advised, Departure Frequency is 124.15, Squawk 2121."

5. Read back the clearance to the controller.  If you don't understand any part of your clearance, ask the controller to clarify.

6. The controller will verify your readback and will ask where you are parking.  He will then tell you to contact ground on a specific frequency for taxi instructions. 

7. Set your transponder code.

8. Call Ground for taxi instructions.  

9. It is a good idea to write down your taxi instructions. Remember you must read back all hold short instructions with your call sign.

10. Ground may ask if you need a run-up.  This is for traffic sequencing purposes.  The ground controller may or may not instruct you to contact tower.

11. Contact Tower when you are ready to depart.  Select the appropriate frequency for the runway you are using.

12. The tower will clear you for takeoff and will likely give you heading and altitude instructions.

Example: Tower: "Cessna 971V, Wind 010 at 5, Fly Runway Heading, Climb and Maintain 3,000, Runway 18C cleared for takeoff"

13. At about 1,000 feet, Tower will switch you to departure control.

Example: Tower: "Cessna 971V, contact departure 124.15."

14. Contract Departure and report your altitude and you cleared altitude.

Example: Pilot: "Memphis Departure, Cessna 971V 1,200' climbing 3,000"

Memphis Departure: "Cessna 971V, radar contact, maintain 3,000, turn left, on course."

15. Listen closely and clarify any questions you have with the controller.

Preflight planning, a little research and the great Controllers at Memphis will make your flight a breeze!