Aircraft Sales

​​​​When your aircraft is listed for sale by Alden Aviation Management, we handle everything, from advertising and lead generation, to market analysis and follow-up. Just as we do for clients looking to buy aircraft, market searches are performed to locate the right buyer for your aircraft at the highest market price available. Your plane is promoted through print and internet advertising and customized brochures. Our aggressive marketing and advertising sets us apart and gets results.

Aircraft Purchases


​If you are looking to acquire a new or pre-owned aircraft, we will conduct a comprehensive study to select the best aircraft to fulfill your mission.  This study includes budgeting, operating cost and residual value forecasts.  Then a nation-wide search to identify, sort and rank the best possible aircraft.  We will arrange every aspect of the aircraft purchase including: Pricing & Valuation, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Maintenance & Inspection Status, Contract Terms,

Deposit & Escrow Structure, & Price Negotiation.